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~~Not a more lovable Breed to be found!~~

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We are a TICA and CFA Registered Cattery


One day I picked up a newspaper and there on the Local & State page was a picture of this exquisite creature in the arms of a young lady traveling from the east coast to show her Norwegian Forest Cat in the Wichita Cat Fancy Show.  I fell in love.  A Norwegian Forest Cat.  He was beautiful.  I had to have that breed in my home.  A search on the internet resulted in an increased desire to own and show my very own "Wegie".

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural breed that lived in the forests of Norway.  For centuries they lived in the wild and on Norwegian farms using their great hunting skills.  It is often said that they were mousers on the great longships of the Vikings. 

These long haired cats have a double coat.  A thick downy undercoat provides warmth in the winter.  The long silky guard hairs sheds water and protects them from the elements.  In the spring, they shed their undercoat and they then have a shorter sleeker look.  Their tail is broader at the base and is long and bushy.  It will easily reach the base of the neck.  Carried high, the Norwegian Forest Cat appears to be waving a long and beautiful flag. 

The Norwegian Forest Cat have an inherent love for their human families.  They share head bumps and often prance and "make biscuits" in your lap to show their love for you.  Soft, purring, pounds of pure pleasure,  the Norwegian Forest Cat is a people's cat.

Another reason to love Norwegian Forest Cats is that in showing them you make great friends with their owners.  NFC breeders are always willing to take the new exhibitor under their wing and help them learn about their cats and to take the time at the shows to educate the public about the Norwegian Forest Cat 

Photography by Helmi Flick

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Copyright 2008 Sharon Poer. All Rights Reserved.

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